Why Ignitec?

You can basically call us chameleons. We have the unique ability to adapt and change to whatever challenges you throw our way.

Think of us as an extension of your hiring managers. We don’t just work together; we are united.

With over 20+ years of industry experience, we have a deep belief that collaboration is everything. We take it one step further by working with clients individually, understanding their work culture, and gaining a knowledge base of each division’s expertise and focus.

We have worked across almost every technology sector and have sparked relationships with industry leaders, thus allowing us to help find you the best candidates that much faster.

Even if we don’t have demonstrated expertise in what you need, we’re always looking to expand our offerings and guarantee that no one will work as hard as us to provide you with the best possible solutions.

Whatever your needs, we are committed to delivering the highest quality solutions.

While there are many others who do what we do, no one has the spark that we possess or the fervor for providing technology solutions that truly lights us up.

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