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Mid & Entry Level Finance & Accounting
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Mid & Entry Level Finance & Accounting

Finding top talent that also meshes well with your company is no easy feat. With our 22 years of experience, we have a deep understanding of both the roles you’re looking to fill as well as the expertise each role requires. We want to be a part of your solution – by working with us, you not only gain exceptional talent but lowered hiring costs and turn-over rates as well.

Understanding what exceptional candidates look like is the foundation of our recruiting. We spend our time qualifying these candidates to make sure we know not just what they’ve done from a finance and accounting perspective, but also their preferred management style, work environment, and more so we get a complete picture to thus find the perfect match for you. Whether you need surge support, departmental hires, or individual contributors, Ignitec ignites your hiring.

Diversity and Inclusion

Equality is of utmost importance to us at Ignitec, as we know it is for you. We help our clients achieve their diversity and inclusion initiatives to ignite success with a well-rounded team by your side.

Industries we serve:

We know some organizations place higher importance on candidates having expertise in a particular industry and others welcome outsiders who can adapt to the industry – we find the talented professionals you need based on your specifications.

Accounting positions we place:


Finance positions we place:

How we do what we do​

It’s not enough to simply find candidates for you – we’re dedicated to finding the right finance and accounting candidates for you. We begin with a clearly defined need to understand the position you’re searching for and take everything into account to find the right person. From the details of the position to the type of work they will be doing to the team they will be working with, finding the right fit requires our team to focus in two areas: Aptitude and Attitude
  • Confirm the candidate’s credentials
  • Assess their technical skills
  • Validate their experience
  • Determine best working environment
  • Identify ideal management style
  • Assess personality

At Ignitec, we are dedicated to looking at the candidate as a whole and matching your position with the candidate who is most likely to ignite success.

47% of large firms’ biggest challenge is recruiting and retaining their best [accounting] employees – (Accounting Today, 2020)

Where’s our proof?

Your success is our success – that’s why we find you the top talent whether it’s for interim, contract-to-hire, or direct hire. We have tackled any project thrown our way and pride ourselves in never quitting until we find your best solution. So, what kinds of projects have we done?
It can be hard finding the best people that have both expertise and are the right fit for your team. Trust in the professionals who know exactly how to qualify each candidate so that they meet your specifications. This not only helps your hiring process but also reduces turnover rates. Let us find your perfect match!

Why Ignitec?

We are passionate
While there are many others who do what we do, no one has the spark that we possess or the fervor for providing finance and accounting solutions that truly lights us up.

Hiring Challenges? Hiring Solutions!

Every day we are actively searching for application, software, and mobile development candidates. We screen and qualify their aptitudes and attitudes to ensure they are among the top talent, as well as the right fit for your organization. We’re always up for a challenge and are dedicated to igniting your success with the right solution.

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